Great Falls of the Potomac

A couple of weekends ago, my friend and I ventured to Great Falls, which is along the banks of the Potomac bordering Virginia and Maryland. We were on the Maryland side and hiked along the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. It’s a place you could spend days, hiking and climbing along the rocks.


Cherry blossoms a bloomin

Buenos Aires: A pope’s city

The Cardinals finally leaped with their faith across the ocean.

In choosing Argentina’s Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio instead of a traditional European, the Cardinals picked a pope of firsts. Pope Francis is the first Jesuit, first Latin American and the first Francis to head the church of 1.2 billion Catholics. It is still ringing in the world’s ears.

But instead of claiming to be the first non-European pope in modern times, perhaps he should claim a more accurate title: first pope from the most European country in South America. Continue reading


Working, learning and settling in

With a month finally under my belt,  it’s safe to say I am settled in.

Being an intern has kept me busy. Working at USA TOAY has given me an entirely different perspective on journalism and the industry. I am learning what it takes to be a national newspaper while getting the chance to see USA TODAY evolve into the digital world.

People often question my choice of journalism.

Those not in the industry wonder why I’m entering a career that won’t be around much longer. (Explaining journalism will always be around, just not in its current form, can be exhausting.)

Some veteran journalists jokingly comment I should get out while I can, while secretly they are dead serious.

Then I run into those journalists who have helped evolve the industry. They are the ones who are willing to change, learn and rethink how journalism is done. Those are the people who motivate me to keep pursing it.

Continue reading

Tis the season for Polo

It was a quiet game, filled with golf claps and oohs-and-ahhs from the crowd. Players yelling in the distance echoed in the near-silent stadium, as horses hooves sounded in harmony with the swooshing of the mallets.

Tis the season for polo in Argentina and on Saturday I got a glimpse into the prestigious world of horses. I attended the 119th Argentine Open Polo Championship (Campeonato Argentino Abierto de Polo) at the Campo Argentino del Polo stadium, also known as the Cathedral of Polo. Continue reading